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Everybody Fitness Gear was born out of a passionate journey of self-discovery and faith, initiated by a determined young girl with a vision. This young entrepreneur, a devoted Christian, found herself through the transformative power of fitness and faith, and wanted to share her experience with the world.

As a teenager, she recognized that fitness was not just about physical well-being; it was a pathway to self-acceptance, confidence, and spiritual growth. Her faith played a pivotal role in this realization, guiding her towards a higher purpose of helping others discover their own unique fitness journeys.

"Growing up, I was raised with a set of values that were deeply ingrained in me: strong work ethics, unwavering faith in God, respect for others, and standing for the American flag. These principles guided every aspect of my life, shaping my character and the way I interacted with the world around me. But as I went through school, I quickly realized that not everyone shared the same values as me.(you work for what you get and nothing is handed to you). Instead of admiration, my strong work ethics and respect for authority often made me a target for ridicule. Bullies saw my dedication as a weakness, something to exploit for their own amusement. Rather than succumbing to bitterness, I channeled my experiences into positive outlets. I doubled down on my school work so that I could graduate early. Through it all, I held fast to the belief that respect and kindness were virtues worth defending, even in the face of adversity. And as I persevered, I found that my unwavering commitment to my principles only strengthened my resolve. I also turned to the gym for an escape from the bullying. The gym made me feel like I wasn't alone. It brought growth to me in so many ways rather than just physically. It had helped me mentally as well. Then, one day, I remember wondering how many people felt the same exact way that I did, and how could I make a difference in someone else's life like the gym and Jesus had done for me. That's how I came up with the idea of Everybody Fitness Gear" 

At Everybody Fitness Gear, we believe that fitness is a personal journey, unique to each individual. Our story is one of inclusivity and empowerment, rooted in the understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to staying active and healthy. Founded with a vision to break down barriers to fitness, we are dedicated to providing high-quality gear that caters to the diverse needs of our customers, all while keeping affordability at forefront. We understand that fitness means something different to each person. It's not just about lifting weights or running marathons; it's about finding inner strength, pursuing physical and mental health, and fostering a deep connection with one's faith. This brand aims to support and inspire people on their own diverse fitness and spiritual walks. We have confidence in every person, regardless of their background, body type, or fitness level, deserving access to high quality gear that doesn't break the bank. We recognize the gap between premium equipment and affordability, and we embarked on a mission to bridge that divide. As passionate fitness enthusiasts, we've experienced firsthand the impact of having the right tools on your fitness journey. However, we also understand that these tools should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few. 

At Everybody Fitness Gear, we believe that through faith, determination, and quality gear, everyone can achieve their fitness goals and uncover the best version of themselves. Join us on this incredible journey towards good health, strength, and spiritual well being. Together, we're more than a brand; we're a community of individuals striving to embrace the beauty of faith in fitness and in life.